Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Surf Lessons

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: Lessons 10am & 1pm

Beginner, Intermediate or Private Surf Lessons
$85 - $170 Per person
Beginner - Lesson includes 2-3 hours of instruction including: safety, etiquette, popping up techniques, board control. Lesson also includes use of a rash guard, and the safest soft foam boards available.
Intermediate - Lesson includes use of our rental surfboards, and more personalized instruction catered to your needs and schedule. Instruction catered to your needs and shcedule.
Lessons typically fill up daily.
Surf Safari
$250 per person
Safaris last 4-5 hours, and include the use of any 2 of our rental boards. You will be introduced to spots you’ve never surfed or even heard of before, and you’ll become familiar with the famous spots you have always dreamed of surfing.
Lessons offered daily at 9 am but are flexible according to wave conditions. Lessons typically fill up daily.



Children 12 and under require a private lesson. At Surf N Sea we value your safety above everything, especially the safety of your Keiki (children).

Lessons provide all equipment necessary. You need to provide your own transportation, you also need to know how to swim. 

A beginner lesson is 2hrs long and starts with an introduction on land before going out in the water. Our instructor will teach you how to read the waves, find the channel, and properly lay and paddle on your board. Once you get in the water the instructor will guide you in paddling technique, help you catch waves, and create a safe and fun environment in the water. 

Surf N Sea is also able to accommodate large groups if you have more than 4 people just give us a call.

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