North Shore Surf Lessons

Surf Lesson Prices

Beginner, Intermediate or Private Surf Lessons
$85 - $170 Per person
Beginner - Lesson includes 2-3 hours of instruction including: safety, etiquette, popping up techniques, board control. Lesson also includes use of a rash guard, and the safest soft foam boards available.
Intermediate - Lesson includes use of our rental surfboards, and more personalized instruction catered to your needs and schedule. Instruction catered to your needs and shcedule.
Lessons typically fill up daily.
Surf Safari
$250 per person
Safaris last 4-5 hours, and include the use of any 2 of our rental boards. You will be introduced to spots you’ve never surfed or even heard of before, and you’ll become familiar with the famous spots you have always dreamed of surfing.
Lessons offered daily at 9 am but are flexible according to wave conditions. Lessons typically fill up daily.


Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Surf Lessons in Haleiwa, HI

Monday-Friday – 10:00 AM and 1:00 PM

Saturday & Sunday – 10:00 AM and 1:00 PM

Come and HANG LOOSE!

If you want to experience the best surf lessons, the North Shore of Oahu happens to be the surfing capital of the world!

This is an exciting place to learn to surf, but we need to remember safety first! especially for our “Keiki”.  For this reason, children under 12 yrs. old are recommended to have a private lesson. Please call us at 808-637-7873 if you would like to make accommodations for a group lesson with a child under 12 years old. We will take into consideration the surf size, child’s skill level and the expectations of the group.

Surf N Sea is also able to accommodate large groups if you have more than 4 people.

For every lesson offered, all the necessary equipment is provided.

Surfing 101

Tips for Beginner Surfers

Start with an introduction to the ancient Hawaiian sport – Surf the right way: by learning the rules and proper techniques from people that are experienced and love what they do. We know you will love it too!

First and foremost, you need to be able to swim. Surfing is a workout, and a physically demanding sport.

The truth is, surfing is not that difficult! It really isn’t! Once you are standing and riding a wave you’re surfing! The tricky part is actually catching waves and getting up. But that’s why we’re here! Our experienced instructors are here to break it down for you and to make your surfing experience is fun, easy, and rewarding. The idea is to give you enough information to feel comfortable in a variety of situations, with or without an instructor.

Your 2 hour lesson begins with an introduction on land before heading out to the water. We go over falling safely and ocean etiquette.
We practice going quickly from laying to standing the easiest way possible. You’ll learn how to catch waves, what type of board to use as a beginner, where to find the best surf spots on the North Shore for beginners and more!

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