Hawaii Shark Cage Tours with SURF N’ SEA

COME SWIM WITH THE FISHES!!! The BIG fish! And live to tell about it. You’ll be perfectly safe whether you stay on the boat to watch or join your friends and family & brave the cage.

The friendly and professional staff will prepare you with plenty of mind easing and helpful information about sharks and their habitats on the North Shore as you travel 3 miles out to sea to “the spot”. Don’t worry about swimming with chum, the sharks will already be there waiting for you. They are just as curious as you are! Be prepared for the experience of a life time. Prices start at $70 for the ride and $100 for in-the-cage, up close and personal viewing. Your safety is assured and satisfaction is guaranteed! Videos of your experience are also offered for purchase at the time of your dive. Age is not an issue with proper consent.